My name is Anna. Simple as it is, this name was apparantly my mother’s initiative, who wanted me to have a name one could easily pronounce and spell everywhere on the Earth. Besides, Anna was not a super-common name in  Ukraine of the 90’s (which is where and when I was born). Therefore I received the same name as Jesus’ grandma, which sometimes seems kind of cool to me, considering that she must have been Jewish and him (yes, Jesus) so to say Christian, indicating the tight bond between the religions faithful people I used to be confronted with sometimes seemed to deny.

However, after finishing the eigth grade at my Ukrainian school I moved to Germany and out of the blue, the precious name of mine surrounded me everywhere I went – solely for the fact that I have had two other Annas in my class.

Enough elaboration on how I wish I had been given an other name, though.

The first question I was concerned about when thinking about what my potential blog could look like was what language I am going to write in. Russian is the language I am most proficient in. Ukrainian is the language I love the sound of and, moreover, the language I would like to confront myself more with, in both, active and passive ways. German is the language of my everyday life, which, however, I am still working on. English is the language I’ve learnt for the longest period of time, but still feel insecure about due to the lack of practice. And lastly, French which is French – a beautiful language one would not understand or speak in, except they communicate with native speakers or, well, are language gods.

No matter which option will proof itself as the most reasonable one afterwards, I somehow decided to write in English, simply because it’s the easiest way to reach a few people more than zero. Moreover, it might even improve my English language skills, which definitely would be benificial for my English advanced courses of the German high school (a.k.a. “Abitur” – random facts is one of my biggest passions).


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